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Roll Manufacture Process for 12" Wide Sheet


New Product Line for 2014:


Re-formulated for strength, flexibility, handling ease.


New 75u thick, 130 m2/g sheet available


Also, a new sheet product with high gas flow features

Sheet Materials made of 100% carbon nanotubes/nanofibers -- no binder
carbon nanober paper sheet draped over graduated cylinder; stm view of fibers

Nanotube/nanofiber papers are made from a selection of ~25 commercial carbon nanofibrils of different sizes, morphologies, and surface areas. Four standard paper types are available, with surface areas ranging from 5 m2/g to 130 m2/g. Other varieties tailored to your application (gas permeability, density, surface area, additives, etc.) can be supplied.

A Range of Properties

The paper is a tech platform that can be made with a range of properties.

Surface Area Sheet Resistance (x-y) Gas Permeability Bulk Paper Density
5 to > 130 m2/g 3 to 2000 ohms/sq. 15-1600 sec. (air flow) 0.10 to 0.60 g/cm3

Nanotube/nanofiber papers with no binder content are readily handled. Although less strong than cellulose paper, they may be cut or punched to size. They will wet out with water or solvents, and may be coated or infused with fillers. Sheets are flexible, becoming less so if they are especially thick or especially dense. Binders are optional at customer request.

Nanotube/nanofiber paper is the starting point for applications in composites, batteries, electromagnetic shielding, catalyst hosting, and other uses. Novel materials can be formulated through developer partnerships.